How to write an upside down question mark on a mac

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How to turn question mark upside down?

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How do I type an upside down question mark on a Mac keyboard?

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How to type upside down

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Wondering how to create an upside-down question mark such as used in Spanish? Put accents over a letter?

Why does the spanish language use upside down exclamation points and question marks?

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How to Use Curly Quotes on Mac OSX and Windows

colophon 8/30/ Upside Down Exclamation Mark ¡ OPTION 1. Upside Down Question Mark ¿ OPTION? (Which is really OPTION SHIFT /). Money Symbols Euro Symbol € OPTION SHIFT 2. British Pound £ OPTION 3. Cent Symbol ¢ OPTION 4. Yen Symbol ¥ OPTION y. More Methods & Symbols. There are plenty more symbols to be found this way.

How to make inverted ? and ! With iOS 11 ?

Mac OS X help pages suggest using the keyboard viewer to find new. To insert an upside down exclamation mark in your Word / / documents, the easiest way is to use a very-easy-to-remember keyboard shortcut: to type a regular exclamation point, you know that you just need to press Shift and the number 1.

To get an inverted question mark, hold the Alt key down and type If you are looking for complete list of keyboard shortcut for special characters, in Windows and in Mac, please visit this webpage. Dec 08,  · To type a question mark on a Mac simply press alt (on the bottom row), followed by shift (on the row second to the bottom) and the question mark Resolved.

How to write an upside down question mark on a mac
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