How to write an isostasy equation

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Geodynamics and Basin Modelling

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Writing a System of Equations

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Seafloor spreading

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A theory of hydrostatic equilibrium of the earth's surface which contends that mountains are floating on a fluid lava of higher density, and that higher mountains have a greater mass and deeper roots. Each question is worth 1 point achieved when the following equation is balanced (the values are equal) where pi and P2 are the densities of two objects floating (in water, for example); g is the force of gravity and hi and h2 are the heights of the surfaces of the two objects.

The 24th question can be easily solved since I can use the synthetic division(the polynomial is divided with linear equation), but in the last question, I simply don't know how to do it with long division and compared the remainder obtained with the given one.

I stuck at following part. Measure density of wood blocks, derive isostasy equations and insert rock densities Reading: Earth Structure. Optional: Density, Waves. Writing assignment 2 Thurs, April 19 The rock cycle and geologic time I + Minerals: Introduction to the main rock types, the rock cycle, and geologic time.

How to write an isostasy equation
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