How to write a policy briefing note

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How to Write a Briefing Note

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The garden or issue of the briefing paper. A voting to identify to whom the briefing prompt is intended. These are the parts that make up the body of the Note. Elements of the Briefing Note Drafting the Corporate Policy Documents: A Practical Style Guide Use plain, everyday language Use short sentences and paragraphs Use point form wherever appropriate Avoid technical terms, jargon, or unfamiliar acronyms Be concise, stick to key points.

Policy Department, Directorate-General for External Policies 2 This Policy Briefing is an initiative of the Policy Department, DG EXPO AUTHORS: Wanda TROSZCZYNSKA-VAN GENDEREN(Policy Department, DG EXPO) With input from Myriam GOINARD, Luca DI PRESO,Karl MINAIRE,Eva.

Issue Section: Or, you can just begin the note with a clear and concise statement of the issue. This is a common format if, for example, the note will go into a briefing book along with other notes for a meeting or event where the purpose is defined somewhere else in the briefing book (like in a Scenario briefing note).

CTRM Briefing Note - Allegro Development Download: CTRM Briefing Note - Allegro Development Allegro Development (Allegro) is the oldest continuously. May 10,  · The following briefing note is developed by academics researching the use of chemical and biological weapons during the present war in Syria.

The note reflects work in progress. However, the substantive questions raised need answering, especially given the seriousness of the political situation in the Middle East and UK-Russian relations.

Briefing papers update readers on an issue's current status and get readers up-to-speed on the background of an issue.

Policy and Procedures Writing Guide

Typically, briefing papers are presented as a four-page summary. Each paper reaches a clear conclusion based on evidence and concise argument.

How to write a policy briefing note
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