How to write a horse racing betting slip

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Superfecta Betting

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How To Write Out A Betting Slip

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How would i write out a double/treble bet on a betting slip?

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Making Selections & Placing Wagers

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Yankee Bets

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A simple guide to each way betting on the Grand National, how to place the bet, how much you can win and where you can back your horse eachway. Obviously don't write Red Rum on your slip, write the name of the horse your backing instead. Online: For each-way betting tips check out MyRacing's horse racing tips.

Write the name of your horse under the stake. Write down when and where your horse is running. At the bottom of the betting slip, enter the total amount of your bets on the slip. Grab a blank betting slip and write the horse’s name with the race time and course next to it.

Underneath write the odds and draw a large ‘C’ around them (example in image below) – this means you are taking the current odds available, which are 6/1 in this example.

Explaining Different Types of Bets

Find all the information you need to bet on the French gallop and trotting horse racing: daily racecards, results, courses, news, tips In English. November 16 Jackpot € 1, A quick guide about how to place a bet on a horse race, be that at the trackside bookies, a betting shop, or with an online bookmaker.

Whatever form your receipt takes (an email or a betting slip), keep a tight hold on it – you might need it if your horse performs well!

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How to write a horse racing betting slip
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