How to pierce your own penis

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What you may want may not be legal in your area so call and check with your local studios. Want to get your nipples pierced? Here's everything you need to know, including finding the right piercer, aftercare, and how it will affect your sex life.

or making your own with iodine-free. For those not initiated, if you poke a hole in your penis from the outside, you've either got to be very good or very lucky to avoid piercing more than the urethra.

But if you poke the needle into a protective tube, you can be pretty sure you will protect the rest of your penis from perforations. They will have been married for 15 years in August.

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The 14 Weirdest Piercing Locations

If you want to pierce your own lip, then you have to be very careful about getting the proper equipment, following the proper technique, and keeping everything sanitary.

How to. Pierce Your Own Penis. How to. Pierce Your Own Belly Button at Home. How to. Pierce Your Belly Button. How to. Pierce an Outie Belly Button. How to. Pierce Your.

How to pierce your own penis
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4 Easy Ways to Pierce Your Own Penis (with Pictures)