How do u write a ratio as a percent


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Solving problems with percent

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Percentages, Ratios, and Proportions

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The Consumer Information Source (CIS) is a service of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). With this tool consumers can access information regarding company complaints, licensing and financial status.

For example, if you originally bought your home for $, and have since paid $60, on your mortgage, you now have $60, in equity and a loan balance of $, provided that your home’s value has remained the same.

To convert a ratio you turn it into a fraction or a different way of writing the ratio. For example, 6 to 5 could also be written as 6/5 or The online Ratio to Percentage Calculator is used to convert ratio to percentage.

Please note that in this calculator ratio a: b means a out of b. Example. Example: Convert the ratio 2: 4 into percentage: 2: 4 can be written as 2 / 4 = ; Multiplied by× = 50, so the percentage of ratio 2: 4 is 50%.

How do u write a ratio as a percent
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Convert Fractions to Percents