Essay on how to prevent sports injuries

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Preventing Sports-Related Injuries

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Sport injuries Essay

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Preventing Basketball Injuries

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However, they can also result in sports injuries to your soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments), bones, and joints. Approximately one million serious (i.e., injuries resulting in hospitalization, surgical treatment, missed school, or one half day or more in bed) sports-related injuries occur annually to adolescents aged years (), accounting for one third of all serious injuries in this age group.

Know how common sports injuries can be prevented by the correct identification of risk factors.

Sports injuries Essay Sample

P1 – Describe extrinsic and intrinsic risk factors in relation to sports injuries. P2 – Describe preventative measures that can be taken in order to prevent sports injuries occurring. Sports injuries Essay Sample. Sports injuries Within sport there are many factors that can cause injury. Not only from the impact of the opposition, for example, but it could also be personal measures that can cause injury such as illness and poor fitness.

Most sports injuries are due to either trauma or overuse of muscles or joints. The majority are caused by minor trauma involving muscles, ligaments, or tendons including: contusions (bruises) sprains strains The most commonly sprained or strained joint is the ankle.

People who participate in sports are more likely than others of the same age to have muscle and tendon injuries and bone fractures. This certainly doesn't mean you should avoid sports - the health benefits far outweigh the cost in terms of sports injuries.

Essay on how to prevent sports injuries
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