Describe a competition you took part in

Describe a competition (e.g.TV,college/work or sports competition) that you took part in

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IELTS Speaking: “competition” topic

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Wanting my admission at the opportunity, I joined the basketball team and backwards the team was invited to participate an in-college basketball championship competition.

Describe a competition (,college/work or sports competition) that you took part in Submitted by renofitriasari on Wed, 03/26/ - What kind of competition it was and how you. Describe a competition (TV, college/work or sports competition) that you took part in.

The most memorable competition that I can think of is a cooking contest in my high school. This was held for Women day celebration and took place 2 years ago.

Sep 18,  · Describe a prize that you would like to win. You should explain - what the prize is for - how you know about it - what you would have to do to win it - and why you would like to win this prize. It should be easy to answer this question by adapting a topic that you have already prepared.

Describe A Competition You Took Part In IELTS TOPICS Describe a sports event that you took part in or watched. You should say: what the event was (or, what the sport was) where it was who was competing what you did during this competition and explain how you felt about this event.

Considering the reasons, I took part in this competition and won two prizes. More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic: Topic: Describe a competition (e.g. TV, college/work or sports competition) that you took part in.

What kind of competition it was and how you found out about it What you had to do What the prizes were and explain why you chose to take part in this competition Describe a competition (,college/work or sports competition) that you took part in |

Describe a competition you took part in
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